Surgery Information

Please follow these instructions to help avoid any complications during your best friends’ procedure:

Feed your pet a small dinner and no food past midnight the night before.
Anesthesia can cause nausea and vomiting in some animals.
Restricting your pets food intake the night before will help reduce the chances of your pet aspirating if it tries to vomit.
This also means no snacks and no breakfast!
Water is okay overnight.

After Surgery:

To ensure a speedy and safe recovery after surgery, please read and follow these guidelines. Each surgery is different and has specific instructions. The following is just a general list of things to keep in mind for every surgery.

Rest is very important after surgery! Please keep your pet indoors for atleast 10 days and keep his/her activity level to a minimum. Your pet may go out on a leash to go potty, but must come back inside to rest.
Do not allow your pet to lick it’s stitches! Animals can lick out their stitches in less than 5 minutes. This can lead to severe injury and even death, depending on the type of surgery. E-Collars are available at the hospital for an additional charge and may also be purchased at local pet stores.
Do not feed your pet the same day it has had surgery. Anesthesia has a tendency to cause nausea and if your animal eats so soon after it’s surgery it may vomit.


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